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SAXOPHONE U.S. - A Saxophone Resource Site
for us Saxophone Players

Sax Player, SAXBOY has developed this site to be a Resource to the Saxophone Player, Recording and Performing more contemporary Sax styles in today's Pop and Commercial Music World.

Saxophone Players

What Saxophones are the today's Saxophonist using?
What about electronics and mics when playing live shows?
How do you set up electronics for use with Saxophone?
What about working with singers?
Playing Sax fills around the vocals?
Pop Commercial Saxophone Solo Concepts?
How does mic placement in the studio effect the tone of the Saxophone when Recording Sax?
What will make your Sax sound better on your computer recordings?

I receive these types of questions all the time via email and forums online. This site is here to help answer the common questions, Resource Working Saxophonists with the tools needed to expand job options, develop modern musical styles and stay busy playing the Saxophone in today's lame Music Business World.

Saxophone and Music Business

How does a good Saxophonist stay busy working?
What are some of the different kinds of jobs you might want to explore as a Saxophone Player?
What kind of attitude, ability and experience is necessary to work as a Saxophonist?
How do you grow your business, set goals, track success and move forward as a player?

I am a professional Saxophonist and full time Musician. I have played in many different work settings, both playing Saxophone and working the Music Business over the past 25+ years. Many of the ideas and concepts presented here are going to come from my experience and view points initially, but many others have joined our team of writers.

Saxophone Resources - Sax Helps

Many sites exist online with Traditional Jazz Sax or Classical Saxophone emphasis. The Purpose of Saxophone.US is to assist younger musicians with the commercial music business education learned after you get out of school, on the road of hard knocks. Little is taught in higher education to assist a Sax Player in playing, or even understanding modern music or the current business climate. Our goal is to give you information that is going to save you many lost gigs, sessions and contacts, and to give you some great ideas on how to find new job opportunities. ...Resources and real Help.

Saxophone Players

This site will include ideas from many other Saxophone Players to round out the content. I own and maintain other web sites and we don't need another site all about ME and MY thoughts. That site already exists; so, what about "US"? Since we are all "a work in progress", lets share our collective experience and watch Saxophone US be a site, for and from the Saxophone Players in the U.S. to the Worldwide Web.

Video is an ever growing media for the sax playersaxophone players abroad - Brazil, Mexico, India, China... I see visitors in the logs this month alone from 108 different countries around the world. I need to check how many there are these days, but I do know that is an amazing reach thru an ever shrinking world thanks to the internet!!!

How about a few of my personal Video Clips to check out?

Saxophone Videos

Saxophone US is the Saxophone site for the US Sax Players with saxophone resources
Greg Vail Music Network Member Site.
:: site updates ::

SITE UPDATE JANUARY 2010! The NEW YEAR brings reflection and goals for many - this sax player included! 2010 has started off with a blast of activity with NAMM concerts and gear to talk about, sax player requests and comments to get to and so many new videos, pictures, sites, and saxophone news to cover - I will be busy for a while getting new stuff uploaded and posted!

To keep up with me, Twitter, Face Book and my Sax Players BLOG are active resources and very current over the past year with mobile devices making updates very 'here and now'!

The other big site slated for a major update is Sax Reviews!! Long over due and ready for a big face lift! I also need to add lots of new links to places on the web that have a lot of activity! Pictures, Video, new sites, new socials, music socials, you name it - it has been busting at the seams and has not hit these sites due to haow crazy it has been!! 2010 is already an amazing new year! Keep surfing and we will see you back soon!!!!!!!

Other Cool Sites - Tenor Saxophone US is a new site about everything related to the Tenor Saxophone. Great Pictures, Sound Clips, Lessons and even a Virtual Tenor Sax to play online. The Alto Sax Site is now online too! See Alto Saxophone US for all the same great info for the Alto Sax!

Consider writing an article on any saxophone topic to working and struggling Sax Players, or Saxophonists in the Pop and Commercial Jazz World. Any Article accepted will include Links to your site, a 1 paragraph Author bio and Writer credits. Older articles 'you have written' are welcome with reprint permissions.


Saxophone U.S. - Saxophone Resources for Saxophone Players - tips for Recording the Saxophone, Playing live, job ideas for saxophonists and helps for commercial jazz artists from a growing staff of writers.
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